First American Ancestors

Recently, my niece contacted me for help with a college class project.  She needed information about her genealogy.    As a result, I put together a list of our first American ancestors’ arrival in America/USA.

Two of our families are American patriots.  They arrived on the continent in the early 1600’s.  The Brewers arrived prior to 1634 from Middlesex, England.  The Owens arrived prior to 1650 from Oswestry-Shropshire, England.

Two of our families are Pioneers of the American West.  They arrived prior to 1900 from Germany, Ireland and Norway.  They migrated westward and settled in the western territories and newly formed western states.   The Vennes arrived around 1892 from Norway, the Murphy’s arrived between 1873 and 1885 from Ireland, and the Rumping’s arrived in 1867 or 1871 from Germany.




Mother’s side (Owen/Vennes)


John Owen – 8th great-grandfather – arrived from Oswestry- Shropshire, England before 1650

First American Ancestor from Shropshire, England John Owen

Anton Vennes  – great-grandfather – arrived from Norway approx 1892

First American Ancestor
First American Ancestor from Norway – Anton Vennes

John Rumping 2nd great-grandfather – arrived from Nordrheim-Westfalen, Germany approx 1867 or 1871

Blasius Specht – 3rd great-grandfather – arrived from Baden-Württemberg, Germany before 1835.

First American Ancestors from Germany
First American Ancestors from Germany – pre WWI John Rumping and Blasius Specht

Father’s Side (Brewer/Murphy)


John Joseph Murphy – great-grandfather – arrived from Ireland approx 1873

Maria(h) Moore Murphy – great-grandmother arrived from Kerry, Ireland approx 1885

, First American Ancestors
Frist American Ancestors from Ireland John and Maria(h) Murphy

John Brewer – 9th great-grandfather – arrived from Middlesex, England sometime before 1634.

First American Ancestors from England
First American Ancestors from England John Brewer, Middlesex, England


Did your family immigrate to America?  Do you have an idea of where your roots originated?  Leave me a message! Without benefit of DNA testing, I am confident of my English, Irish, Norwegian and German ancestry.  I am a proud daughter of Patriots and Pioneers.

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