Grandparents Day 2017 – Brewer

Otis and Sadie Brewer, my beloved paternal grandparents, immeasurably enriched my and my siblings lives.  Their love was boundless and we loved them right back.  They did not have a lot of money but did not seem to need a lot of fancy possessions in a big house.  It wasn’t until I was an adult, that I realized how “poor” they were and how hard their lives had been.

Otis & Sadie Brewer with Dottie, Jack, Connie & Pattie Brewer. about 1958

Most of our Sunday dinners were at their home at 1928 E Monument, Colorado Springs, CO.  We lived about 15 miles away in Security, CO.   Sadie was an incredible cook, having cooked for a boarding house as a young woman in the 1920’s.

1928 E Monument, Colorado Springs, CO

Fresh baked bread or rolls and a heavenly homemade cake or pie were standard on the menu.  I remember standing at the kitchen table watching Grandma knead the bread and shape the rolls for baking every Sunday.  As a young mom, I too, made fresh bread and rolls for my family, having learned the secret at her table. (psst…the secret is LOVE and doing it)

Otis, Jack, Connie Brewer and Buck

Otis contributed to the meals from his abundant garden.  Corn on the cob, green beans, beets and carrots all made their way to the table.  In the summer there were fresh strawberries for Grandma’s shortcake.  My siblings and I loved to forage through the garden for snacks, fresh and warmed from the sun.  Granddad had a spigot in the middle of the garden, and we pulled carrots, washed them off and ate them.  His strawberry patch was huge and mature, it produced large quantities of large, sweet berries.  And while we are on the subject of the garden, he also had a HUGE compost bed where he cultivated worms for his favorite pastime – FISHING.


Here are a few pictures of time spent at their house.

1928 E Monument – Connie, Pattie & Steve Brewer about 1961
Jack Brewer birthday boy, Julie, Tommy and Joan Canfield, Connie and Pattie Brewer. 1958

How about you?  What special memories do you have of your grandparents on this 2017 Grandparents Day?  Leave me a message!