Faye Franklin passed away

September 5, 1971, Faye Franklin Owen passed away in Thermopolis, WY of lung cancer, he was 6 days shy of 74.

He rests in Monument Hill Cemetery in Thermopolis, Hot Springs County, WY

A Man of Few Words – Faye Owen

I spent many summers with my grandparents in Thermopolis, WY.  My grandmother would go to work at the Wyoming Gas Company each morning, and Grandpa and I would spend our days together.   He would read, I would sew, read and play in the yard.  I don’t recall that we exchanged too many words.  But the silence was comfortable and full of love.  Grandma came home for lunch and we would eat and listen to Paul Harvey on the radio.  After Paul Harvey was off the air, the silence was excruciating – I could hear every swallow of food the 3 of us made!  I guess I was a girl of few words as well.

My Grandfather, Faye Franklin Owen, was born 120 years ago on September 11, 1897 in Vernon, WI.

His family moved westward until they were in Basin, WY in 1910.

Here’s an idea of what Basin was like at the turn of the century.